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Listen: How to Build Software Roadmaps in Construction


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Do you see technology as a cost center or a competitive advantage? 

Your answer to that simple question shows how you view technology’s role in your construction business.

For forward-thinking companies, they tend to say the latter: competitive advantage. Digitization is at the forefront of their strategies – enabling them to win more bids AND improve the bottom line. 

But most companies are stuck and aren’t sure where to start with tech. How do you pick the right solution among hundreds? How do you guarantee that your field will adopt it? How do you know if it’ll deliver ROI? 

To find out how, listen to SPARK’s CEO Bob Armbrister on his latest podcast appearance with Building Scale hosted by Will Foret and Justin Neagle. 

Some things they talked about:

  • How to build a software roadmap that amplifies your competitive advantage
  • Understanding what tech works (and doesn’t) for field workers
  • What pitfalls to avoid so you aren’t burned by yet another tech investment
  • How to measure and deliver ROI on every projects

A few of our favorite quotable moments:

“Adoption occurs in construction when you start to ‘think like a software company’, meaning that you’re obsessed with the end user…Getting input early from stakeholders is one of the biggest key to adoption.”

“We ask clients – why do your customers choose you as an organization? Knowing this helps firms strategically choose tech that enables and supports that.” 

”A big misconception is that people don’t think technology is business-driven. They think it’s just a tool that you can throw in anywhere or just another line item on the balance sheet.”

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Building Scale Podcast Rating: 4.9/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
”This is definitely a podcast worth a listen if you are a business owner. Keep up the good work’

About Building Scale

We interview successful Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) business leaders to learn how they use people, processes, and technology to scale their businesses. Hosted by Will Foret and Justin Neagle of Spot Migration, a Chicago-based managed IT support and strategy company.

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Bob Armbrister
President and CEO Bob has led SPARK to serve hundreds of clients providing custom software and digital marketing services. He’s passionate about helping his team implement “The SPARK Way” – an approach of practical innovation that helps business leaders build tech that gets adopted and delivers ROI. connect on Linkedin

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