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With SPARK’s Sync tool, save time and effort by automatically syncing your project budgets and change orders from Procore to ComputerEase. Schedule a call to see a demo and learn more!

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General Overview

Tired of Trying to Keep ComputerEase
in Sync?

Procore’s budgeting and financial tools are amazing. But keeping ComputerEase up-to-date with the latest numbers can be time-consuming. Use the ComputerEase Sync tool by SPARK to eliminate manual data entry for your accounting team and get back to running your business!

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Compare Systems Side-by-Side

Find Exceptions Quickly. From one location, compare numbers from both systems to spot discrepancies at-a-glance with exception notifications.

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Easy Import into ComputerEase

One-Click Download and Import. Use the Sync tool to download change order (RFC) files and a budget file from Procore that easily import right into ComputerEase.

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Support Multiple Users from Your Team

Big team, no problem. Our tool supports as many users as you need to view and compare financials, saving everyone time.

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