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Bob Armbrister

President and CEO Bob has led SPARK to serve hundreds of clients providing custom software and digital marketing services. He’s passionate about helping his team implement "The SPARK Way" – an approach of practical innovation that helps business leaders build tech that gets adopted and delivers ROI. connect on Linkedin

Recent Insights

Construction Industry

Clutch Crowns SPARK Business Works as one of the Game-Changing Web Developers in Michigan

See how leading businesses in Michigan are turning to SPARK to develop custom web applications that grow their business.

Construction Industry

What is Prototyping in Software Development (and Why It’s Important)

Before you starting writing code for a new software product, learn how to use prototypes to test, validate, and iterate on different designs and features.

Construction Industry

Crafting An Effective Brand Style Guide for Branding Success

Learn how to create a brand style guide that provides a roadmap to your stakeholders and ensures consistency across every custom touchpoint with your brand.

Construction Industry

Hounds and Co. Unleashes a New Look In-Store and Online

Local pet supplies store Hounds and Co. partnered with SPARK Business Works to launch a new brand and website, while staying committed to its mission and values.  

Construction Industry

Oliver Packaging and Equipment Strengthens Its Brand Online with a Website Redesign

Oliver Packaging partners with SPARK Business Works to undergo a transformative website redesign, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly online presence that drives engagement and boosts their brand.

Construction Industry

The Manifest Recognizes SPARK as One of the Most-Reviewed Software Developers in Houston

We’re proud to share that The Manifest has recognized SPARK has a top software development firm!

Construction Industry

Cost of Custom Software Development: How Transparent Process Leads to Accurate Project Estimates

Learn how SPARK goes from a ballpark estimate to an accurate cost estimate for your custom software development project.

Construction Industry

How To Build a SaaS Solution with $0 Investment and a Customer-Centric Approach

Learn how to use a customer-centric approach for building a sucessful SaaS platform with $0 investment.

Construction Industry

From Burden to Advantage: How to Embrace and Modernize Your Legacy Software

A client recently came to me and said, “We have this legacy software we built. We have an individual running it and they’re nearing retirement age. What do we do? This software is extremely critical to our business operations, it can’t go down.”