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Having an upbeat atmosphere and an organization that celebrates each other’s accomplishments is core to how SPARK operates. Here’s the story behind our rallying cry.

Getting ‘hype’ together has become part of our culture…

We even have a ‘hype’ button:

The SPARK HYPE button is shown in a team meeting. 

(Actually, we have three ‘hype’ buttons.) One at each SPARK location.

So, what’s the hype all about?

It was about creating a culture of celebration. The hitting of the button provides significance and a way for our team to showcase something great that happened. Getting hype is a pursuit. Being hype is contagious.

Being Hype is Contagious!

Steps to being hype:

  1. Smile and show you are proud and excited about what just happened. The statement “I’m so hype” often leads into a story and it is likely time to ↓
  2. Tell someone. Getting others involved is the ultimate way to increase the hype. “Get hype” is a statement shared with others to signify it’s time for them to join in. The positive thing that you just got ‘hype’ about, might be the one thing that someone on your team needs to hear to help them bounce back. The next thing your team can do is ↓
  3. Compound the hype. It’s time to find ways to build on the hype that is already there. When you or your team is ‘up’, it’s the best time to go and strike. Success is a series of small wins. The ignition of ‘hype’ can help you realize areas of significance that may have been missed previously and need to be celebrated.

Hype can be a noun or a verb.

You can be hype and you can get hype.

When a client of ours launches their new app or we close a new deal with a future proud client — we hit the button.

The hype button nails the first two steps of ‘being hype’ perfectly:

  1. 1. Hitting the button without smiling and showing excitement is almost impossible.
    1. 2. By hitting the button, you announce that you want to share what just happened.

The third step of compounding the ‘hype’ is when you witness the reactions of others. 

Being part of a company growing as fast as SPARK gives us many opportunities to get ‘hype’. 

Humble Hype

While creating this culture of celebration, sharing your hype should not be self-serving. It is driven by team goals and building others up. It is best to share something that the entire team is striving after or celebrate someone else’s success.

A little bit of humble ‘hype’ doesn’t hurt. It’s a positive vibe that has a ripple effect both internally and externally. 

Take a look at what our SPARK team is up to, and let’s see how we can get ‘hype’ together…

SPARK teammates celebrate with gratitude.


If you are wondering what the hype button sounds like, it is something like this:

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Jake Lonc
Vice President As Vice President of SPARK, Jake has a passion for building lasting partnerships with SPARK’s clients. He effectively communicates technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and advocates for the client’s vision to our project teams of software developers and designers. connect on Linkedin

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