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Volleman’s Family Farm

Volleman's Family Farm Custom Mobile App

In 2020, the Volleman’s Family Farm began producing their own glass-bottled milk products that feature unique flavors. Within 18 months, they grew to delivering to over 450+ stores across Texas. They turned to SPARK to automate their delivery operations by turning their paper-based ticket system into a custom mobile app and backend portal.

Mall City Mechanical

Mall City Mechanical

On a mission to become the “most sought after mechanical contractor in the Midwest,” MCM has doubled in size over the past few years. But, they began to feel the weight of their outdated, manual processes.

Instead of using a typical software vendor, the owners of MCM partnered with SPARK to design and build a strategic custom management platform that would help them streamline operations.

The result is a mobile app that even the toughest field crew has readily adopted.

Team Elmer’s

Team Elmer's custom software

Recognizing the opportunity for digital transformation, leaders at Team Elmer’s engaged SPARK for strategic software design and development services.

Team Elmer’s now leverages a dedicated SPARK team to plan, develop, and launch their custom mobile and web solutions used across the company for field data management.

Esper Electric

Esper Electric custom software on smartphones

When full-service electrical construction firm Esper needed to significantly reduce administrative overhead and increase employee engagement, they turned to SPARK to launch a custom management system and employee app. The result was streamlined time entry, improved performance tracking, and business process efficiency.


MyObits app design solution by SPARK Business Works

Digital disruption in the funeral and cremation service industry was imminent, so a business owner partnered with SPARK to seize the opportunity and launch a mobile consumer community and custom e-commerce platform that achieved a return on investment in just a few short months.

Faithful Companion

Custom website design for Faithful Companion built by SPARK

The owners and local operators at fast-growing Faithful Companion were looking for a way to bring tens of thousands of monthly orders into a single digital flow.

SPARK created a custom business management system with intuitive web and mobile apps tailored to the unique B2B/B2C services of the scaling company.

James E. Fulton & Sons

James E. Fulton business planning software created by SPARK Business Works

For over 45 years, Fulton has been one of Michigan’s most trusted land construction and excavation service companies. Fulton used to track over 1,000 pieces of paper per week, had limited insight into equipment maintenance, and manually generated weekly client updates.

Now, their mobile employee app automates back-end systems, generates weekly updates, and makes job site management visible.

HUB International

HUB International app on smartphones

HUB needed to make bonding easy for their customers. SPARK helped them launch and grow a consumer app that connected to a custom portal for their bonding division.

Custom website design for by SPARK is a national website that connects people to “find the perfect match” to share the rent.

SPARK helped it update its website design as well as add important security and process features that were important to its users.

RSA Group

RSA 2.5M downloads

RSA Group chose SPARK to design and develop educational technology apps for use in elementary schools. The apps have since been downloaded globally more than 2.5 Million times.