James E. Fulton & Sons

For over 45 years, Fulton has been one of Michigan’s most trusted land construction and excavation service companies. Fulton used to track over 1,000 pieces of paper per week, had limited insight into equipment maintenance, and manually generated weekly client updates. Now, their mobile employee app automates back-end systems, generates weekly updates, and makes job site management visible.
James E. Fulton business planning software created by SPARK Business Works
Project Breakdown

SPARK Helps Contractor Create Everyday Revolution with Digital Workflow

The Challenge

Fulton’s management team needed to update/automate administrative and workflow processes including tracking over 1,000 pieces of paper per week, managing six different timesheet formats, generating weekly client updates and having limited insight into maintenance.

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Project size
  • Medium / Complex
  • Custom Workflow
  • 12 Months
Size of Team
  • 1 PM, 1 UX Designer
  • 1 Analyst
  • 2 Developer
  • Increased job costing 

    accuracy with automation

The Solution

SPARK designed and developed a custom web-enabled application, including a mobile employee app that automates all back-end systems, including all HR functions, job site management, one timesheet interface and the automation of all weekly updates.
James E. Fulton business planning software created by SPARK Business Works
Services provided
Technology used
Client Review
“After 20 years of working in the construction trades, I’ve greeted every Monday morning as a paperwork nightmare! The more employees you have, the bigger the mess. The more jobs you have going on, the worse the piles! Every week, I’d go through the same routine: gather all the time cards, make sure the tickets were handed in to reflect back to the time card, and make sure the employee’s time was cost coded correctly. Then I needed to add up all the time, multiply the total hours by the employee rate for the gross wage, enter the time into the accounting software, cost code, etc… That’s when I heard about a company named SPARK. I heard that they could create a mobile application that was specific to our needs. From the moment I made the phone call, my world changed! SPARK’s team visited me on a Monday morning to see my weekly mess. I shared with them my vision to change my Monday accounting/time entry nightmare. After spending a short time with my project manager, I felt like she understood my weekly problems, and, in return, she and her team created a better solution using technology that was specific to our industry. She got the job done! We would meet weekly to review and develop further solutions to my HR and accounting challenges and all the while she was patient, smart, and diligent. As the months went by, we finalized this beautiful project. My Monday mornings are now a dream! We eliminated time cards and tickets. We created an app for time entry and billing. My employees love the time entry app (no more paperwork for them). The new process is smooth and consistent. Three days of headaches are now down to one day. Our new process is clean, legible and effortless! Why hire SPARK? It’s an easy decision. Give them your company vision/goal, and they will develop it into a mobile app. Working with SPARK has been nothing but wonderful throughout this whole process. I am 100% pleased with our project."
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Cris Nichols
Financial Controller at James E. Fulton & Sons

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