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Enterprise cybersecurity leader Sectigo leveraged the SPARK team to completely redesign their digital resource library, making their content easy to find and access.
SPARK custom solution for Sectigo
Project Breakdown

SPARK Helps Provider Refresh Online Resource Library

The Challenge

Sectigo had several content feeds on their website, but users had no way to search over hundreds of existing pieces at once and aggregate the results. It could also be tedious for users to access the content, involving several pages and clicks. 

They looked to SPARK to improve their content strategy and user experience, while also solving the technical challenge of organizing their data for consistent and faster publishing. 

Sectigo mockup by SPARK
Project size
  • Medium
  • Custom UI/UX Design
  • 9 months
Size of Team
  • 1 PM, 1 UX Designer
  • 1 Systems Analyst
  • 1 Developer
  • Make hundreds of content pieces easy to access

The Solution

First, SPARK performed an audit of Sectigo’s current content and a competitive analysis. This initial research informed what features to build and a new content strategy to improve their SEO and social media marketing plan.  

Collaborating with Sectigo, SPARK then completely refreshed the user experience. A single search bar now aggregates hundreds of resources. Clean page designs make each content type easy to access and share.

On the back end, SPARK built an entirely new resource library that combines several existing data structures into a single database. Their internal team can use one, simple workflow to publish new resources frequently. Since implementation, they’ve launched additional content types with minimal effort. 

Sectigo SPARK Solution
Services provided
Technology used

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