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ROC Carbon

Located in Texas, ROC Carbon manufactures custom carbon graphite parts for clients across the nation. They turned to SPARK to craft a custom marketing strategy to boost its online performance in a competitive marketplace.
ROC Carbon - Website Redesign 2
Project Breakdown

SPARK Helps Boost Online Presence for U.S. Manufacturer

The Challenge

ROC Carbon competes in the niche market for custom carbon graphite parts. To stand out among its tough competition, ROC provides fast response and turnaround services for critical machine parts.

ROC turned to SPARK to help them build a successful digital marketing strategy to attract and connect with more customers online. 

ROC Carbon - Website Redesign 1
Project Breakdown
  • Small
  • Web Design & Digital Marketing
  • Ongoing Partnership
Size of Team
  • 1 Account Manager
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Content Lead
  • Increase SEO Performance

  • Increase Organic Traffic

  • Increase Lead Generation

The Solution

To boost their online presence, the SPARK team manages a comprehensive marketing strategy for ROC Carbon to improve their online performance through SEO improvements, educational articles, video marketing, and social media.

SPARK also manages a paid advertising campaign for ROC to meet its monthly lead generation goals.

ROC Carbon - Website Redesign
Services provided
Technology used
Client Review
“SPARK is worth your investment! Let's face it, in order for your customers to find you, you need exposure. The brand presence that SPARK has put out there for us at ROC Carbon has found us lots of new opportunities!”
Barbara Sager - ROC Carbon
Barbara Sager
Marketing Manager, ROC Carbon

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