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Kindel Furniture

For over one hundred years Kindel Furniture has been synonymous with luxury; however, their made-to-order gallery experience desperately needed a 21st century upgrade. SPARK jumped at the chance to design a streamlined electronic quote process.
Custom website design and improved UX by SPARK
Project Breakdown

SPARK Partners with Manufacturer to Create a Digital Sales Flow

The Challenge

Kindel was searching for a nimble solution to expedite their internal quoting process. Custom orders were in jeopardy of losing momentum due to the lengthy time that transpired between when the customer showed interest in a custom piece of furniture to when design edits were selected and priced.

Custom website design by SPARK Business Works
Project Breakdown
  • Medium
  • Custom Software Workflow
  • 4 Months

Size of Team
  • 1 PM, 1 Designer
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Analyst
  • Saved thousands of hours

    for quoting process

The Solution

SPARK met with Kindel’s marketing team and listened to their goals and challenges. Kindel identified top configurations to include in the tool product launch. Armed with a mantra “show early, show often” the Kindel/SPARK team collaborated weekly as they finessed the final workflow tool together.

Kindel Furniture website design by SPARK Business Works
Services provided
Technology used
Client Review
“Our new Facet Congurator™ is a dynamo tool that automates in-process calculations to determine custom furniture specs. Before the product launched with SPARK, customers had to patiently wait through a manual process. Now the process is automated and changes are reflected immediately! The customer easily makes custom edits and the process remains fluid as final selections are determined. Our clients are delighted and our reps love the new easy process! It’s a win-win for everyone!”
Gretchen Keith from Kindel Furniture
Gretchen Keith
Vice President of Marketing

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