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Andy J. Egan Company

Since 1919, Andy J. Egan Company serves as a mechanical contractor that construction managers and building owners depend on for the highest quality work.
Andy Egan Company custom design
Project Breakdown

SPARK Partners with National Contractor for Sustained Digital Transformation

The Challenge

Andy J. Egan needed to manage workforce/job assignments of over 300 skilled laborers, in-house engineers, BIM specialists and maintenance technicians. But, they were relying on time consuming weekly project flow using whiteboards, Post-it Notes, and excel spreadsheets.

They turned to SPARK to automate their daily processes. 

App creation by SPARK for Andy J. Egan Company
Project size
  • Large / Complex
  • Custom Workflow
  • 18 Months
Size of Team
  • 1 PM, 1 UX Designer
  • 1 Systems Analyst
  • 2 Developer
  • Resource efficiency and forecasting accuracy


The Solution

SPARK created a custom technology solution to automate workflow, time entry, training/credential screenings/status, and more while tracking employee assignments and skill levels simply and efficiently.

The solution was mobile friendly, accessible 24/7 and available on a 85” touch screen monitor.

Andy J. Egan Company custom dashboard by SPARK
Services provided
Technology used
Client Review
“I was sick of paying an annual subscription fee for an off the shelf program that almost works. I wanted to build something that works exactly the way we want it to for the way we work. SPARK created a custom solution that worked exactly the way we needed it to in a cost-effective way.”
Andy Egan Company testimonial
Amy Jones
Vice President

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