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MSI Pipe Protection

Headquartered in Houston, TX, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of pipe and thread protection products for the oil and gas industry. For over 14 years, MSI and SPARK have collaborated on an ongoing basis to build their digital presence and establish them as an industry leader.
MSI - Website Redesign
Project Breakdown

SPARK Builds Global Brand Awareness for Leading Manufacturer

The Challenge

MSI Pipe Protection produces the most extensive range of thread protectors on the market, under the strictest and high-quality manufacturing standards in the industry. However, they needed help in finding the most effective ways to target and communicate with their audience online.

Since 2011, SPARK has continually evolved MSI’s marketing and branding materials to help them connect with customers and stand out from the competition. 

MSI - Website Redesign
Project Breakdown
  • Medium
  • Web Design & Digital Marketing
  • Ongoing Partnership
Size of Team
  • 1 Account Manager
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Content Lead
  • Increase SEO Performance

  • Increase Organic Traffic

  • Increase Lead Generation

The Solution

Over the last decade, the SPARK team has managed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for MSI, which has included multiple redesigns and rebuilds of its website. SPARK continues to manage MSI’s content and SEO strategy, resulting in nearly 150 page-1 keywords, over one million annual website impressions, and over 250 blog articles.

These efforts have helped establish MSI as a sought-after thought leader in the oil and gas industry.

MSI - Website Redesign
Services provided
Technology used
Client Review
“We have worked with SPARK for more than 10 years now. They always give us more than we ask for and more than we expect. They’ve been an integral part of the MSI branding process.”
SPARK Case Study - Client Image
J. Boben

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