GLR Solutions

A 3rd generation family-owned business, GLR Solutions thrives on delivering reliable service. To ensure business continuity and to streamline dispatch operations, GLR needed to create a system that would eliminate tedious double-data entry and manual customer communications.
GLR custom software
Project Breakdown

SPARK Brings Modern Workflow to Metro Detroit Industrial Service Leader

The Challenge

Customer and order data lived in GLR’s industry-specific ERP, but tedious steps had to be taken to track and report on the most important parts of their process.

The frontline office team was sick of digging through a hefty Excel spreadsheet of data exported from the ERP system in order to take action. 

GLR Solutions trucks
Project Breakdown
  • Medium
  • Custom Workflow
  • 6 Months

Size of Team
  • 1 PM, 1 UX Designer
  • 2 Developers
  • 100s of Data Entry Hour

  • Automated Each Month

The Solution

SPARK collaborated with key GLR stakeholders during an Assessment to understand exactly what data and functionality GLR needed (and what they didn’t).

The new custom dashboard is now leveraged “all day, every day”! Customers receive automated email and text notifications for order updates. 

Management can quickly see KPI visualizations by customer and commodity. They export data in 1-click. 

Simple filters and search functionality save hours each week and empower the team to see trends in realtime.

GLR Solutions custom dashboard
Services provided
Technology used

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